de zoektocht
de goede dagen
Die Reise



A web presence to describe the struggle of finding myself .



I used to think all people were alike at the core. Each of us was unique, of course, but unique with an awful lot in common. Various forms of damage, coming from a wide variety of directions and at different speeds, could damage a person so much that s/he would lose track of this basic truth. But whether this person or that acknowledged it or not, the truth remained. Why else would the feeling be so nearly universal: Do not do unto others that which you would not have done unto yourself. 


Despite all subsequent riders and challenges to that precociously adopted belief, I continue to see some substantial portion of it as logically unassailable. We humans who are alive today are members of the same single species evolved over millennia on a single planet in an unimaginably vast universe. How can we not see each other as more alike than different?


 Everybody fails now and then, at this and that. When the failures begin to form a pattern and that pattern has a name, a history, and a community, then, if you're lucky, the failures become material with which to analyze the whys and wherefores. The failures become pieces in a jigsaw puzzle that shows an illuminating picture, once we get it all put together. Instead of failing to succeed as what you're not, you can start learning how to succeed as what you are--and how to deal with the fact that the rest of the world will continue to see you as a failure no matter what you do.






I never guessed you could knock me down
I am just a bit undone
Displaced and burned like fire 




 It's over and I'm overwhelmed

I'm emptied out like a dusty shelf
You buried me, and I'm covered in shame
I'm here but you look right through me 

Het echte geluk is het onbeperkte gebruik van het verstand.Aristoteles.
Wege entstehen dadurch, dass man sie geht. Franz Kafka